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  • New Session and Registration

    We have a task to push our students to the limit to bring out the best in them. We hope that this session will even be more fulfilling. We urge you to take your registration process serious, make sure you understudy the process seriously and comply to make your studies easy.

  • Best Methods

    We deliver our courseware in a manner that makes learning easy, deploying the best technology to reach our target audience. we help you achieve your goals  in manner that adds value yourself

  • Discipline and Attitude

    Discipline and attitude defines our core values. We are in the fore front to combine effectively the secular education and christian teachings to create a culture of discipline and good attitude that defines the hallmark of an educated person

Latest News

  • CDC: Your heart older than the rest of you - KRMG

    There is new information about your heart and age. If you're like most Americans, your heart is older than the rest of you -- at least, in terms of the kind of shape it's in. A report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention takes a new ...

  • FDA Warns 5 Producers of Powdered Caffeine - New York Times

    WASHINGTON — The Food and Drug Administration said Tuesday that it had sent warning letters to five producers of pure powdered caffeine, in what consumer advocates said was a long overdue move against the product and the industry that makes it.

Our Heritage

This is the heritage of this part of Nigeria, a beautiful and serene mountain. Beneath this hill lies NKST College of Health Technology Mkar...

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